Why use a VPN

Proxy VPN Secures your connection when you connect to Wifi Networks and hide your activity from ISPs, so you can focus on browsing the content you want. Surf with no restrictions and boundaries using Proxy VPN's ultra simple iOS app.

Wifi security

  • Wifi networks can have packet sniffers that are collecting your passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information every second.

    Using a VPN with encrypted traffic, your sensitive information and internet activity is now hidden with additional layers of data security.
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ISPs can see everything

  • Whether you are accessing the internet from home, in a hotel or at a coffee shop, your are connected to a network through an internet service provider (ISP) that can see every piece of information that you send and receive. Everyone from governments to businesses, can control your content and see your private data.

    Using a VPN, you can fly under the radar and avoid any form of monitoring and detection, and free yourself from censorship and surveillance.
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Safer browsing with Public Hotspots

  • Public Hotspots are great for free Internet but they come at a cost- Your Personal Information such as identity, finance, personal records, health, and family data are highly visible and vulnerable to theft and misuse.

    Browse with complete ease of mind over Public Hotspots using a VPN by turning all untrusted networks into highly secured, private connections.
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Secure access and browse privately without boundaries today