The technology you need to protect and secure your online privacy.

VPN Vault protects you wherever you roam across the Internet. Whether you’re trying to access blocked content, hide your IP address or avoid hackers from accessing your personal information, your safety and privacy is our #1 priority.

We never log your activity

With our no log policy, VPN Vault does not keep tabs on your activities on the Internet, allowing your connection to stay anonymous. Only you can see your Internet history while using your VPN.

Access military-grade encryption

Secure your VPN connection using VPN Vault’s AES-256 data encryption, the gold standard in making your Internet activity untraceable.

Guard your privacy with a killswitch if your VPN connection stops

If your VPN connection stops for any reason, we block your device from accessing the Internet until you turn off your VPN to ensure you stay anonymous. Only available on the Windows app.

Choose from international server options

Your Internet Service Provider may sometimes cause videos and websites to slow. Remove buffering with VPN Vault to experience high-quality streams every time.

Enjoy uninterrupted streaming

Traditional VPN protocols end up being slower, as they use protocols such as TCP that contain error-correcting features. AVVPN runs over TCP using TLS (Transport Layer Security), a cryptographic protocol that mimics most Internet traffic. This allows AVVPN to be used in more restrictive network environments such as in corporations.

Hide your IP address

With VPN Vault, you can change your IP address to another country so your physical location can never be identified by government agencies or advertisers.

Get unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds, always

No matter how many websites you load, our servers deliver unlimited bandwidth. Plus, your connection speed will always be faster compared to other VPN products.

Use up to five devices at once

Your premium account supports up to five devices at the same time. That means you can wire money on your phone, watch Netflix on your laptop and game on your desktop, all at the same time.

Receive 24/7 support

If you have a problem, our support team is here to give you a solution or simply answer questions. Contact them via email at any time.

Protect yourself against phishing, malicious websites and IP addresses

When you visit sites known to be hacked or phishing sites, VPN Vault blocks phishing attempts so your identity remains safe in your hands.