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When you go online, your connection is always visible to your Internet Service Provider. Our VPN is a simple app that encrypts your connection to the Internet, keeping you anonymous while browsing, secure while banking and free to access any content you’d like online.

The nuts & bolts


Your connection is secure because your VPN app (called a client) and our server does some tricky math to ensure no other client or server can join the connection.


When you access a website, the action is broken up into multiple chunks called “packets.” Each packet is encapsulated into another packet, which is a method called tunneling.


Once you’re online, VPN Vault uses AES-256 encryption – a military-grade level of protection – to secure your activity. There is only one answer out of 2^256 possible combinations to break the lock.

What makes our VPN better?

VPN Vault leverages a proprietary protocol, improving your experience compared to the OpenVPN protocol used by most VPN apps today.

Faster connection time

Traditional VPN protocols such as OpenVPN require a three-way handshake between the VPN client, VPN server and destination server that goes for two round trips. Your data packet’s TCP (transmission control protocol) portion is handled only between your device and the VPN client. This makes the three-way handshake shorter, as it’s only happening between the VPN server and the destination server.

Enhanced security

The protocol for traditional VPNs happens at the packet level, which means additional mechanisms are needed to block attacks on your device. Our VPN Vault protocol only operates between your client and the VPN client, which means no external devices can connect to the VPN client on its own. Your device controls the connection entirely, so you win at the end of the day.

More firewall-friendly

Traditional VPN protocols end up being slower, as they use protocols such as TCP that contain error-correcting features. Our VPN Vault protocol runs over TCP using TLS (Transport Layer Security), a cryptographic protocol that mimics most Internet traffic. This allows our VPN Vault protocol to be used in more restrictive network environments such as in corporations.

Who benefits from
VPN Vault?

An avid video-watcher

Enjoy streaming any shows and videos at high speeds.

An on-the-go professional

Send payments and manage finances on your phone securely while running to meetings.

A privacy aficionado

Browse the web privately and securely without your IP address being identified.

A journalist or activist

Hide your identity from restrictive governments when reporting.

An online gamer

Play with your friends on the same server location so that your gameplay never lags.

An online shopper

Hide your identity from restrictive governments when reporting.


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    Simply select the “On” button to have a secure IP address from another country signed to you.

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    Allow configuration

    VPN Vault will then ask to store a configuration on your device. Simply allow and you’re ready to browse.