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Access blocked content with military-grade encryption and no logs on your traffic and identity. Download VPN Vault for free.


Browse free and secure with our Virtual Private Network.

With VPN Vault, public WiFi is no longer a restrictive or dangerous place. We add an invisible layer of protection to your mobile device or desktop browser the moment you log on, and allow you to use our services across any country in the world.

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An unsecure Internet connection makes it easy for hackers to steal your personal information and even compromise your computer. Get protected today.

Identity Theft Protection

Our VPN ensures hackers can’t access your user accounts online and steal important information like your address, identification number or credit card details.

Secure Public WiFi

When accessing the Internet from coffee shops, hotels, airports or other public places, your IP address will be anonymous and protected.

Browsing Without Limits

If you visit a site or search a certain keyword, advertisers won’t be able to follow you online.

Stream the content you love

You can now stream TV shows, movies, or other video content without any caps on your bandwidth. Simply download our app, create an account and start watching, instantly.

Use up to five
devices at once

Our app supports up to five devices at the same time. That means you can wire money on your phone, watch Netflix on your laptop and game on your desktop, all at the same time.

Get unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds, always.

No matter how many websites you load, our servers deliver unlimited bandwidth. Plus, your connection speed will always be faster compared to other traditional VPN products.

military-grade encryption

Secure your VPN connection using VPN Vault’s AES-256 data encryption, the gold standard in making your Internet activity untraceable and trusted by the US military.

Hide your IP address

With VPN Vault, you can change your IP address to another country so your physical location can never be identified by government agencies or advertisers.

Get VPN Vault for your phone, laptop or desktop.

The Internet you deserve starts today.


Get VPN Vault for your phone, laptop or desktop

The Internet you deserve starts today.


Recent reviews from people like you

Best VPN app ever

I never write reviews but I had to. I wanted to watch movies on Netflix which weren’t in my country, so I subscribed, one of the best decisions I have ever made :). I suggest u subscribe and pay because you have better options. Thank you VPN Vault.

Honestly really great

It takes no time for it to connect unlike some others that shall not be named. My only gripe is that you have to activate it from the app itself.

Reliable VPN

Many locations and fast connection speed also doesn’t drop out. Would recommend.

Helped me a ton

At first I couldn’t connect because of a slow connection, but once I had cellular data turned on the app became invaluable for me to be able to use my email and get work done while in China. Thanks VPN Vault.


Didn’t believe it was true that a vpn was faster then others but it’s true and they cap u at like 500 MB’s per day! Others do. But not this one! Go premium and you will be super fast and not have a cap either! It’s worth it!!! Go do it! You know you wanna!!!

Super fast and stable

Quick connect and disconnect with reliable connectivity. Purchased monthly plan just after minutes of use. I have tried several vpns in the past and this seems most stable.

Solid for easy access

Seems to me that there is only one location that you can activate with the free version, though I’m not entirely sure that the same goes for the paid version. Other than the VPN seems solid, breaking some location locks, avoiding blocked pages on networks, etc etc. It’s easy to install and use.

It is remarkable

I just recently learned what VPN is and decided to use this app. I applaud the app for its simplicity and overall effectiveness. I have no regrets nor bad experience. It has been smooth sailing with the app

Helped me a ton

At first I couldn’t connect because of a slow connection, but once I had cellular data turned on the app became invaluable for me to be able to use my email and get work done while in China. Thanks VPN Vault.


It’s 10/10 guys it gives you fast data wherever you are in the world I would 💯 Recommend to purchase this